Incorporate anti-terrorism and riot prevention into the security training system as the main content of the skills training, formulate training plans and content, through the training to enable security personnel to understand and master the necessary anti-terrorism and riot prevention knowledge, so that they will use the knowledge and skills learned in their daily work and anti-terrorism and riot prevention work.
First of all, we should strengthen the education of security personnel in anti terrorist and anti riot consciousness. It is an unavoidable social responsibility for the security forces to assist the police in combating terrorism and riots. Especially from the past violent cases, it is concluded that some violent terrorists often choose places with large numbers of people in order to magnify the impact of violent cases. Schools, stations, markets and shopping malls are the main items of security services. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the anti-terrorism and anti-riot education of security guards. Through education, security guards'awareness of anti-terrorism and anti-riot should be strengthened. They should always bear in mind their duties in any post. In addition to the traditional sense of fire prevention, anti-theft, explosion prevention, natural disasters and accidents, they should pay more attention to anti-terrorism and anti-riot work, and pay attention to their duty. Identify suspicious people and situations, respond quickly, respond calmly at critical moments, and do everything possible to control and stop extreme events.
Secondly, security guards' counter-terrorism riot training is a systematic project with emphasis on the quality and effectiveness of training. Starting from the formulation of training plan, training content, implementation of training time and steps, standardize the anti-terrorism and riot training workflow. The training can be divided into theoretical training and skill training. In theory, the training is carried out around the concept of anti-terrorism and riot prevention, the importance of anti-terrorism and riot prevention and stability, the new characteristics of violent terrorist attacks, the challenges faced by domestic anti-terrorism and riot prevention, and the harm of violent and terrorist incidents. The purpose is to enable security guards to master the necessary theory. We should further recognize the importance and urgency of anti-terrorism riot work. In the skill training, we mainly train the use methods of anti-terrorism and riot equipment and equipment, such as the correct use of shield, the demonstration of the actual combat of shield changing from defense to attack, etc. Through the baton, riot fork, riot vest, shield, cutting gloves, emergency lights, communication equipment and the disposal and isolation of explosives required. Correct use of facilities and equipment for training, so that security guards can skillfully master and use these important anti-terrorist anti-riot equipment, after repeated practice and countermeasure drills, familiar with the performance of various anti-terrorist anti-riot equipment, the correct use of equipment and action essentials, in the event of violence, security guards can use skilled. Skills counter attack and uniform outlaws.
Thirdly, it is an important link to improve the security forces and auxiliary policemen to do a good job in anti-terrorism and riot prevention. The purpose of the drill is to test the smoothness of the anti-terrorism and riot command system, the punctuality of the anti-terrorism and anti-violence gathering, the timely follow-up of communication and transportation, and the digestion of the anti-terrorism and anti-riot knowledge and skills learned by the security guards, to solidify the mature model, to improve the deficiencies, and to enhance the security team to assist the police to do a good job. Anti terrorist riot capability and level.
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